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About Us

JST Group is an Asian-based company that specialises in corrosion mitigation through coating.

The management team at JST Group is an “ensemble cast” that boasts over 40 years of industry experience. Most had held leadership positions at other reputable corrosion mitigation companies, before joining forces to form JST Group.

What sets JST Group apart from others is the desire to innovate, improve and refine their products and services.

In an industry where many providers simply settle for the tried-and-tested, JST Group is always pushing the boundaries to find more effective, faster and value-for-money solutions for clients, partners and distributors.

This mindset has allowed JST Group to become a dominant player in the corrosion mitigation niche. Some key products and services on offer include:

When you partner with JST Group, rest assured that you’ll be getting the best solutions this industry has to offer.