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Guardian Splashzone 500 Systems – Steel / Concrete Pile

The GUARDIAN 500 System Outer Cover exceeds marine engineering specifications for use in unforgiving marine conditions where exposure to ice, floating debris, chemical pollution, hydrocarbons, acids, salt water and tidal action that may occur.

GUARDIAN 500 System Outer Cover is a 3-Layer Reinforced Jacket constructed using Woven Roving with a double layer Alkali-Free non-twist mat saturated with Hydrophobic Isophthalic Polyester Resin. Ultra-Heavy Duty GUARDIAN 500 System Outer Covers or jackets can be fabricated utilising Additional Reinforced layers to meet specific requirements.

GUARDIAN 500 System Outer Covers are supplied as standard with a translucent finish, allowing easier monitoring during the installation of GUARDIAN Underwater Cementitious & Epoxy Grout Systems.

GUARDIAN 500 System Outer Covers are also available in a coloured finish.


GUARDIAN 500 System Outer Covers can be used around Timber, Steel or Concrete piles.

GUARDIAN 500 System Outer Covers are available in permanent and reusable versions that can be assembled topside or in the water.


Ease of installation
High Strength 3-Layer Reinforced Jacket
Excellent Solvent and Chemical Resistance
High Abrasion and Impact Resistance


GUARDIAN 500 System Outer Cover are available in 1 or 2 piece Construction. Jacket Length and Construction Thickness can be Custom made. Please consult with your Guardian Technical Representative to discuss your Specific Requirements.


Flexural Strength (ASTM C 790)
Flexural Modulus (ASTM D 790)
Ultimate Tensile Strength (ASTM C 638)
Tensile Modulus (ASTM C 638)
Elongation (D 638)
IZOD Impact Strength, Notched (ASTM D256)
IZOD Impact Strength, Un-notched (ASTM D256)
Barcol Hardness (ASTM D 790)
Water Absorption (ASTM D 570)
Standard Color
Wall Thickness
UV Stability (ASTM G23)
40,000 psi
1.4 x 106 psi
21,000 psi
1.7 x 106 psi
3mm to 12mm
500 Hr. Pass

The data shown above reflects typical results based on laboratory testing under controlled conditions. Reasonable variations from the data shown above may result.


    Marine Piles (Concrete, Steel, Timber) must be thoroughly cleaned and sound prior to installation of GUARDIAN 500 System Outer Cover as part of the GUARDIAN 500 System. Prepare substrate using high-pressure water blasting or similar mechanical means to remove all loose material including rust, scale, etc., and all other contaminants that can inhibit bond of the grout material.
    The GUARDIAN 500 System Outer Cover may be of one or two piece construction. If preferred, spacers / standoffs may be molded into the interior walls of jacket or otherwise these spacers may be added to the pile or jacket at the job site. If installing spacers on site, ensure a suitable adhesive, such as GUARDIAN Anchor Gel, is used for securing standoffs to the pile or jacket walls. Allow adhesive to cure, prior to installing reinforcement mesh and jackets. If grout material will be pumped into jackets, set ports into jackets as necessary and seal.Seal pile jacket tongue & groove joint with appropriate epoxy adhesive or similar compound by applying adhesive to grooved side of joint. Secure joint with self-tapping stainless steel screws or rivets.Establish a suitable bottom seal for jacket that will withstand the pressures developed during filling (pouring / pumping) of filler material. Bottom seal material is determined by environmental regulations and contractor experience. Bottom seal may be closed foam, oakum and expanding resin or other appropriate material including a relatively dry mix of the grout material.Larger jackets may require external bracing and strapping on the outside of the jacket to prevent bulging during placement of filler material into jacket. Place strapping system approximately every 300-500mm along jacket length, particularly at the bottom of the jacket.

    For more information, refer to the GUARDIAN 500 System Installation Specification.

All statements and data presented herein are given in good faith and believed to be appropriate and reliable. It is given without express or implied warrant or guarantee. Potential users of Guardian’s materials are urged to conduct confirmatory trials to satisfy themselves as to the suitability of the selected product for their particular end use prior to purchase.