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Guardian Splashzone 2000 System – Steel Piles (Exposed)

The GUARDIAN Splash-Zone 2000 System Protects Piles against Corrosion in open water environments such as Exposed Onshore / Offshore.

Providing 20+ Years of Corrosion Protection Performance, the GUARDIAN Splash-Zone 2000 System possesses true surface tolerance, being applied above and below water, and making the GUARDIAN Splash-Zone 2000 System an ideal choice in exposed conditions.


Performance Driven: Providing 20+ years of protection in severe, open water environments, the combination of Petrolatum Materials with generically, 85+ years in proven performance in asset protection (longevity and effectiveness), coupled with the highly tensioned GUARDIAN Splash-Zone 2000 System with bolt-on heavy duty Outer Cover, creates a tight fitting seal around the pile, effectively isolating the pile from unforgiving atmospheric and chemical exposure.

Microbial Resistance: Leading industry wide spectrum biocides are adopted in the GUARDIAN Splash-Zone 2000 System to control the threat of various forms of corrosion including microbial corrosion.

Surface Tolerance: The system has been developed to be surface tolerant requiring a “St2” surface preparation in accordance with ISO8501-2007.

For Severe Corrosive Environments: the GUARDIAN Splash-Zone 2000 System is unaffected by water, acids, salts and microbial attack.

No Curing: Ready for immediate service.

VOC Content: 0%


GUARDIAN Splash-Zone Primer MP fills surface pitting and passivates surface rust.
GUARDIAN Splash-Zone Mastic MM fills voids and profiles angles.
GUARDIAN Splash-Zone Tape MT encapsulates the substrate in a water and chloride resistant sheath.
GUARDIAN Splash-Zone 2000 Outer Cover provides substantial physical resistance and durability.


Industrial Wharfs, Recreational Jetties, Mooring Dolphins – Pile Splash-zone Protection



Prepare substrate to Class St2 (ISO 8501-1:2007). Substrate must be cleaned. Remove all loose material including rust, scale, coatings, etc.

This may be achieved via the following methods including:
– Abrasive / Hydro Blast
– Pneumatic / Hydraulic Tools
– Hand Tools

Clean pile by removing marine growth from the area to be protected. Remove rust scale, protrusions (other than weld seam on the pile) and ensure the surfaces ground smooth to remove, loose coating material and wash pile.

In the removal of any pre-existing coating, ensure this loose material is captured for appropriate deposal. Efforts should be made to minimise any debris escaping into the marine environment.

PRIME (Primer MP)

Apply GUARDIAN Splash-Zone Primer MP by gloved hand to evenly coat substrate above and below water, filling surface imperfections. Ensure that a sufficient amount of primer is used to avoid the potential for any voids. A small section of Guardian Splash-Zone Tape may be used to assist in filling these areas. Any gentle protrusions such as spiral welds can be further chamfered or profiled with the use of primer. Anticipate a spread rate of 1 to 2m2/kg.


Fill all voids and contour or profile any angular changes with the GUARDIAN Splash-Zone Mastic MM. The profile should be such that the GUARDIAN Splash-Zone Tape MT may be applied without bridging and / or likelihood for the GUARDIAN Splash-Zone Tape MT to be damaged while in service by any angular projection.


Spirally apply GUARDIAN Splash-Zone Tape MT incorporating a minimum 50% overlap resulting in a coating of two layers in a single wrapping motion. At the end of the roll, start a new roll of tape by inserting it under the end of the preceding roll of tape by 100mm. Press the end of the existing tape firmly over the top of the end of the new roll. GUARDIAN Splash-Zone Tape MT should be applied
under firm tension to minimize wrinkling and smooth wrapping with a gloved hand throughout the wrapping process to squeeze out any trapped air or water. All tape overlaps should be pressed firmly to progressively seal the exposed edge of applied tape.


Prepare the stainless steel 316 fasteners. Position the overlap interface HDPE strip on the pile, in position, where the GUARDIAN Splash-Zone 2000 Outer Cover flange is to be located. Position prefabricated GUARDIAN Splash-Zone 2000 Outer Cover around the wrapped pile. Bring the jacket flange together, and align the holes for fastening.

With use of the GUARDIAN Splash-Zone 2000 Hydraulic Clamping Tool, fit and tension the GUARDIAN Splash-Zone 2000FD Outer Cover in place in the following way:

  1. Slide the tensioning (part-threaded rods) through the holes on the jacket flange (in both ends of the jacket). Ensure that each pair of rods are evenly spaced apart, and fed through the correct holes along the jacket. The ram/clamp assemblies are fitted so that there are 2 exposed bolt holes at the top and Splash-Zone 2000 System Application bottom of the jacket and 2 holes between each of the 3 clamps for a full length jacket (1.9-2.0m). Shorter jackets may require less clamps.
  2. With use of the Stainless Steel 316 M12 nuts and bolts secure the clamp end plates and hydraulic ram onto the clamp rods.
  3. Ensure the hoses, pump, manifold and rams are connected and increase pressure. Apply pressure evenly to each ram and slowly increase pressure until the jacket flange ends are together under even pressure. When the jacket flange is closed, fasten the flange with the use of the SS316 M12 nuts and bolts between the clamp(s). Remove clamp(s) and install the remaining nuts and bolts fully tightening all.

Note: To avoid the risk of the stainless steel fasteners “seizing” or “gauling”, we recommend that each bolt is protected with a layer of GUARDIAN Splash-Zone Primer MP.


Protective Gloves. Eye Protection. Pile Cleaning Tools: Wire Brush, Chipping Hammer, Knife/Scissors. Guardian Splash-Zone 2000 Hydraulic Clamping Tool.

GUARDIAN 2000 Outer Cover is an intrinsic component of the GUARDIAN 2000 System.

GUARDIAN 2000 Outer Cover is formulated from non-recycled UV Stable HDPE resin, providing mechanical protection to the GUARDIAN Petrolatum coating materials applied to the substrate for corrosion protection.

GUARDIAN 2000 Outer Cover inherently possesses substantial mechanical properties, chemical and environmental stress crack resistance, thermal stability and long life UV resistant characteristics.

The 316 Stainless Steel Thermoplastic bolt-on fastening system employed with the GUARDIAN 2000 system enables its use in severe, open water environments.

The GUARDIAN 2000 Hydraulic Clamping Tool is recommended to achieve the required tension during installation of the jacket.


Refer to the GUARDIAN Series 2000: Application Data Sheet.


Tensile Strength at Break
Elongation at Break
Tear Resistance
Puncture Resistance
Carbon Black Content
Application Temperatures
Service Temperature
Service Life
Shelf Life
Test Method
ASTM D5199
ASTM D6693
ASTM D6693
ASTM D1004
ASTM D4833
ASTM D1603
-10 to +55°C
-10 to +75°C
20 Years +
57 N/mm – Width
249 N
703 N


Part No
G2000 System 2000 Outer Cover is manufactured to meet project requirements.

All statements and data presented herein are given in good faith and believed to be appropriate and reliable. It is given without express or implied warrant or guarantee. Potential users of Guardian’s materials are urged to conduct confirmatory trials to satisfy themselves as to the suitability of the selected product for their particular end use prior to purchase.