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Guardian Road Tape (Pavement Repairs)

GUARDIAN Bituwrap Road Tape is a Bitumen Adhesive Compound laminated onto a Geo-textile Carrier for use on Roadways and Paving as a Waterproofing Membrane for Sealing against Reflective Cracking, and for Sealing around Culverts and Bridge Decking Construction Joints.

GUARDIAN Bituwrap Road Tape exhibits exceptional adhesion to Concrete and Bitumen/Asphalt Paths and Roadways.

The combination of high conformability, strong adhesive properties, high tensile strength and puncture resistance makes GUARDIAN Bituwrap Road Tape ideal in the use of paving/roadway construction and repair, bridge construction, and concrete drainage. For better adhesion to very cold surfaces, the use of Bituwrap Primer may be useful.


Property Test Method Value
Thickness AS3706.1
(At 2kPa Pressure)
2.2mm (Average)
Adhesion to Unprimed ASTM D1000-04 21.93N/10mm
Concrete (18°C) Section 50
Adhesion to Unprimed ASTM D1000-04 21.93N/10mm
Bitumen Surface
Section 50
Wide StripTensile Strength 7.8kN/m
Wide Strip Tensile Elongation AS3706.2 52%
Puncture Strength
(8mm Diameter Rod)
AS3706.2 340N (minimum)
Application Temperature ASTM D4833 -5 to +50°C


150mm x 36m 2 rolls
250mm x 36m 1 rolls
300mm x 36m 1 rolls
500mm x 36m 1 rolls
150mm x 12m 2 rolls
250mm x 12m 2 rolls
300mm x 12m 1 rolls


Minimum of 12 Months if stored in original unopened packaging


Ensure the substrate is clean and dry. Prime cold surfaces with GUARDIAN Bituwrap Primer if required. Lay the membrane onto the surface and roll firmly into place.