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Composite Repair Systems

Strengthening Your Future …

Layer by Layer

Air Logistics Corporation is a leading manufacturer of logistics support equipment and systems, composite strength elements and shapes, and field-applied composite systems for infrastructure repair.

For over 45 years, our research and development teams have produced equipment and material to solve logistical and manufacturing difficulties. With our in house lab, we are able to design, manufacture, and test our components on site, allowing us to develop products quickly and efficiently.

Some of these products that involve carbon, glass and Kevlar® rods are:

  • Guidance and communication cables using optical fibers sheathed with unidirectional glass/epoxy matrix
  • Strength elements for towed sonar arrays
  • Dielectric strength elements for telecommunications and power transmission cables

Using this knowledge of advanced composite systems, we have developed and perfected the use of composites for the repair and rehabilitation of infrastructure components. Strong and lightweight, composites offer an excellent alternative to conventional methods. They are resistant to corrosion and chemical attack, have strength characteristics similar to steel, and can be customized to meet your requirements.

Our Field-Applied Composite Systems Group is dedicated to developing innovative materials and repair techniques for the repair of damaged infrastructure components. As various agencies are becoming increasingly aware of the crumbling infrastructure in the world, we are there to provide an advanced repair solution.
Adapted from the aerospace industry, our field-applied systems incorporate advanced substrates and resins to field-build reliable, high strength, composite repairs for damaged or weakened concrete columns, pier pilings, piping, and vessels.

Our goal is to provide the most advanced composite repair systems in the industry, while continuing our research and development for new products, and new solutions.

Air Logistics is your source for the best composite repair products in the industry.